Saturday, February 23, 2013

where you can buy white bean extract and where you can buy it

Cakes, cookies and candy...those delightful delicacies that we love, yet know are extremely unhealthy. Full of empty calories and full of sugar, eat one and achieve a pound. Sugar we understand, we recognize, and quite a few individuals have a very love/hate relationship with it.

But eating with sugar added is not the only method to obtain "sugar" we have to focus on.

Bread, pasta, and potatoes (just to name just a few) become a "sugar" when digested. Yes, sugar! Our gastrointestinal system breaks sugar and food made of starch (carbohydrates) into glucose (sugar) during first minutes of consumption; unfortunately, when categorised quickly, the sugar enters the blood. This increases blood sugar levels and is also eventually stored as fat. While carbohydrates include the main fuel for our vital organs, way too many "carbs" in our diet can cause fat gain and increased extra fat.

Target food choices which are slower to digest; good carbs who have more fiber and complex carbohydrates. While all carbohydrates are often digested, complex carbohydrates be more difficult to breakdown than simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates include: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, bread, cereal, carrots, rice, potatoes, dry beans and corn; while simple carbohydrates include: candy, frozen treats, cookies and other sweets. Choosing complex carbs over simple carbs can prevent sugar/glucose from being quickly distributed around the blood. Ideally, absorption won't occur before the food has passed with the stomach and into the intestines; limiting absorption into the blood (which elevates blood sugar levels) and eventually being stored as fat. Less carb intake will force the body to use its fat for energy.

While adjusting your diet to limit your carbohydrate intake is the best choice, many of us are guilty of splurging, occasionally or even daily. Researchers have discovered a possible solution to the "starch lover" in most individuals! Recent surveys revealed an extract in white kidney beans can certainly neutralize the enzyme Alpha amylase. During digestion, the production of Alpha amylase is necessary to the break up and conversion of starch into sugar. This excellent white bean extract blocks Alpha amylase, thus preventing the rapid breakdown of carbs into sugar. Basically, the starches and carbs should go through the body without getting distributed around the blood, affecting blood sugar levels and eventually being stored as fat. Reducing your weight and managing your health is easier using this type of phenomenal medical breakthrough!

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